The following individuals were inducted into the Bur Oak Society on February 15, 2018, at the first 2018 Founders' Lecture. The Bur Oak Society was established by Friends of The Arboretum in 2003 to honor individuals who, through their professional expertise, have made significant and continuous contributions to The Arboretum.

2018 Inductees, left to right: Tim Brooks, Cliff Feltham, Louis Hillenmeyer III, Phyllis Macadam

TIM BROOKS’ association with The Arboretum goes back many years! In 2007, he helped coordinate the establishment of the Hardy Orchid Collection at The Arboretum. Two years later, he helped enhance that garden. In 2009, with the help of the Blue Grass Orchid Society, he coordinated the planting of 5,000 daffodil bulbs along The Arboretum’s entry drive hillside. Then in 2010, with Joe Dietz, Tim helped purchase and plant another 2, 500 daffodil bulbs. Tim has served on The Arboretum Advisory Board as an appointee of the city government. He has volunteered at various Arboretum activities such as Arbor Day, the plant exchange and anywhere else he is needed. He has also donated plant material for use in The Arboretum gardens.

CLIFF FELTHAM’s association with The Arboretum began more than 25 years ago when he was the agriculture reporter for WKYT when UK’s Experiment Station farmland was designated for an arboretum .He followed the progress on the property as the years passed. He then worked with Kentucky Utilities Company which became the title sponsor for the annual Arbor Day celebration. He thinks the best part of that relationship was ensuring free admission to the Kentucky Children’s Garden for event attendees. He was part of the KU team that pulled together the “KU Tree Display” which demonstrates the “right tree for the right place”. He is convinced that he got more out of his connection with The Arboretum than they got out of him!

LOUIS HILLENMEYER, III has been a long-time friend of The Arboretum. He has served on the Friends of The Arboretum Board. He and his wife, Betsy, were chairpersons of the Gala in the Garden in 2007. He has worked with the Director of The Arboretum to publicize Arboretum activities on his “Flower Power Hour” radio show. At his Flower Power Shops, he has promoted Arboretum membership by offering a 10% discount. He is very interested in the educational aspects of The Arboretum-be they through the display gardens, in classes or through hands-on learning. He summed up his feelings on the importance of the Kentucky Children’s Garden by saying,      “. . . how important it is to teach children how nature makes all of life possible – teaching them to respect, protect and use the gifts of nature to benefit themselves and generations to come.”

PHYLLIS MACADAM is a long-time supporter of The Arboretum and a Life Member of Friends of The Arboretum. After retirement in 2004 as Assistant Director of the Carnegie Center, she volunteered with the Friends Newsletter Committee, and in 2006 took on the responsibility of editor of the quarterly Newsletter and chair of the Newsletter Committee. For the following ten years she was responsible for recruiting committee members, assigning, editing and writing articles, taking and formatting photos, designing layout and labeling the newsletter for mailing. She is thankful for the strong support of committee members, the Friends Board and The Arboretum staff.