Want to help sustain daily operations and grow the Kentucky Children's Garden? There are two ways to help! Direct monetary donations inquiries to Molly Davis, Arboretum Director or contact Jackie Gallimore, Education and Kentucky Children's Garden Manager, to make an in-kind donation from our wishlist.

Welcome to the children's garden! 

The Kentucky Children’s Garden (KCG) is a 2-acre garden designed to share the joy and wonder of nature and plants. It is best suited for children ages 2 to 6 and their families. The garden’s features include child-sized representations of Kentucky’s landscapes (natural and man-made, past and present) as well as themed gardens including butterfly, vegetable and transportation gardens.

Connecting children to nature while they are young helps build essential skills and attitudes. Studies show that early nature connection can influence enthusiasm and respect toward nature throughout a lifetime. Additionally, nature play encourages healthy child development in many areas including social, emotional and physical. Not to mention, it’s fun! 

 Direct and questions or event inqiuries to Jackie Gallimore,

Education Manager and Kentucky Children's Garden Manager.