Arboretum Friends FAQs

Arboretum Friends FAQs

Arboretum Friends FAQs

We're Turning Over a New Leaf...

The changes are being made for many reasons, but primarily to be more inclusive of all Arboretum donors and volunteers and to allow supporters more flexibility in how they support the gardens and programs.

The Friends of the Arboretum will continue to exist. Arboretum Friends will now include all donors and volunteers, with recognition based on levels of support.

No. All current members will be recognized as such and will have the same access to the same benefits, programs and services until their membership expires.

Two Arboretum Friends will each serve a 2-year term on The Arboretum Advisory Board. Elections most recently occurred at the February 11, 2023, Volunteer and Donor Appreciation brunch. Zinnah Calaug and Kent Barker were elected to serve for two years starting February 11, 2023. Both donors and volunteers are considered Arboretum Friends. 

Yes. All current Life and Founding Members will be recognized as such for the entirety of their lifetime. Life and Founding Members whose memberships are paid in full are encouraged to continue investing in The Arboretum, but annual giving or volunteering is not required.

You will be recognized under the new model when your annual giving or volunteering reaches the new levels. Volunteers will receive benefits in the calendar year following their volunteer efforts. Donors will receive benefits based on the UK Fiscal Year in which they made a donation (or donations).

There are many ways to make a gift to The Arboretum.

  • Go directly to UK's Network for Good to make a gift online.
  • Contact Dave Timoney at (859) 257-3458 or email him at
  • Checks may be mailed directly to: The Arboretum, University of Kentucky, 500 Alumni Drive, Lexington, KY 40503

Visit our Volunteer page or contact us at or (859) 257-6955.

Gift membership will not be an option under the new recognition model.

No! This change in recognition was made to allow donors and volunteers to support the area of The Arboretum about which they are most passionate. You can support the Children’s Garden, the Walk Across Kentucky or any other area and will receive full recognition.

No. As long as your gift is directed to an Arboretum fund it will be recorded in our database and tracked for recognition.

Yes! Each volunteer area has an Arboretum staff member who is responsible for directing your work and providing a sign-in sheet for your volunteer activity. If your Arboretum staff member does not have the sign-in sheet available for you to sign, please remind them. Alternatively, you may come in to the Visitor Center and verbally relay your hours to Ryan Adair at the Front Desk. 

Contact The Arboretum by email at or call us at (859) 257-6955.

Contact Information

Molly Davis

500 Alumni Drive Lexington, KY 40503

+1 (859) 257-6955