The Fragrance Garden, though small, is a bridge between the Home Demonstration Garden and the Rose Garden. It is lined with wooden columns covered in climbing roses, and has winding trails, rows of lavender and espaliered fruit trees. This garden has a Mediterranean feel that makes it unique at The Arboretum and contains some of our oldest heirloom roses whose delightful fragrances reigned supreme and color was secondary. It also contains a wide assortment of herbs and other plants known for their fragrance.

There are several mulched trails to attract visitors  to get close and personal with a myriad of fragrances from citrus, roses, lavender, and many others. This garden is sure to awaken and stimulate your olfactory glands. So be sure to stop and smell the roses—quite literally!


When in the gardens, please consider future visitors and leave labels, leaves, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and seeds where there are so they can be enjoyed by others.