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Arboretum Video Series

Tree Week is a celebration of trees and green spaces led by the Urban Forest Initiative (UFI). Check out a variety of videos on trees at the links below.

Tree Appreciation & Benefits

Join The Arboretum’s Curator, Emily Ellingson, to learn about the many ways trees benefit us. 

Video: Tree Appreciation & Benefits

How to Plant a Tree

Join The Arboretum‘s Senior Horticulturist, Jesse Dahl, to learn about how to plant and mulch a tree. 

Video: How to Plant a Tree

Walk Across Kentucky

Join former Native Plants Collection Manager, Emily Ellingson, on a virtual tree tour of the seven physiographic regions of Kentucky. 

Video: Walk Across Kentucky

Why We Love Trees

We here at The Arboretum love trees! We have many visitors and animal friends that do too! The animal friends that live here rely on them for food and housing. Learn about why owls, bees, and our visitors love trees.

Video: Why We Love Trees

How to Prune a Young Tree

Join The Arboretum’s Senior Horticulturist, Jesse Dahl, to learn how to prune a young tree.

Video: How to Prune a Young Tree

The Arboretum Woods

Join former Native Plants Curator, Emily Ellingson, to virtually explore The Arboretum woods and its importance. 

Video: The Arboretum Woods

Arboretum Explorer

Want to ID or locate trees at The Arboretum? Arboretum Explorer is a web-based database that can be accessed on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer to "explore" the plants and learn more about The Arboretum. Join Education Coordinator, Dawn Bailey, to learn how to use Arboretum Explorer.

Video: Arboretum Explorer

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