There will be no 2021 spring small groups or feild trips. The Kentucky Children's Garden is tentativly set to open July 1, 2021. Please check back mid-summer for fall small groups and feild trips. 

Small Groups

Groups such as a preschools, single classes, summer camps or church groups of less than 50 people are welcome to come to the Kentucky Children’s Garden during normal operating hours. Small groups are SELF-GUIDED and must preregister. Admission cost is $3 per person. This charge is applicable to both students and adults. We do not offer family discounts for small groups. Staffed tours cost an additional $1 per student. Please check back mid-summer for information, or to register.

Field Trips 

Grades: K-2

Cost: $3 per person (including children and adults)

Time: 2 hours (Tuesdays from 10am-12pm during the spring and fall when the Kentucky Children's Garden is not open to the public)

Group Size: 50-115

Rotate through fun and educational stations throughout the Kentucky Children's Garden. For more information on the lessons we offer by grade and Kentucky Academic Standard alignment, please see our Field Trip Education Stations List. Pleace check back mid-summer for information or to register.

 Direct questions or event inquiries to