Established in 2003, the Rose Garden at The Arboretum are an extensive collection of over 1200 different rose cultivars. Its mission is to showcase many different rose types and cultivars to inspire current and future rose growers and to show the culmination of years of efforts by rose breeders from around the world. Included in the collection are Rugosa, Floribunda, Hybrid Tea, Polyantha, Climbers, and Landscape roses.

The Rose Garden provides insights to both past and present trends, but it also contains two trial beds where American Garden Rose Selections and Star Roses are testing some of their newest roses for performance and disease resistance.

The garden contains vine and rose-covered pergolas, a dry-laid stone wall, and a cobblestone walk that leads to 49 stainless steel birds in flight over a base of black granite. This sculpture, created by Douwe Blumberg, is a focal point of the Rose Garden and commemorates those who lost their lives in the Flight 5191 accident at Bluegrass Airport on August 27, 2006. 

Birds of the Flight 5191 Memorial

When in the gardens, please consider future visitors and leave labels, leaves, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and seeds where there are so they can be enjoyed by others.  Please do not climb on the memorial structure.