WHAT IS A PLANT? | December 1, 2018

Ever wonder what makes a plant a plant? Come join us to learn the different parts of a plant and their life cycle.

ANIMALS IN WINTER | December 8, 2018

Ever wonder what animals do during the winter? Come join us to learn all about the different ways animals survive in the winter with your family.

BULB BASICS | December 15, 2018

Come join us to learn about the all different types of bulbs and how you can trick them into blooming earlier than the spring.

TREES IN WINTER | January 5, 2019

How can you identify a tree with no leaves? How old is a tree? Come join us to explore these tree related questions.

TERRARIUM WORKSHOP | January 12, 2019

We will provide the supplies, come build your own tiny world.

LET IT SNOW! | January 19, 2019

Come join us to create your own winter wonderland. Come learn how snow is made and create your own to take home.

SOIL MATTERS | February 2, 2019

Come join us in exploring the different layers of our soil and the different creatures that live in it.

NATURE ART | February 23, 2019

Come join us to create art out of nature and take a tour of the Glories of the Garden Art Exhibit.

PLANT MEAT EATERS | March 9, 2019

Did you know that some plants eat meat? Come join us to learn about the different types of carnivorous plant.

FOLLOW THE TRACKS | March 16, 2019

Animals leave behind signs of where they have been. Come join us to learn how to spot them and identify who was here.

Join The Arboretum for a fun-filled, hands-on garden camp! Campers will use The Arboretum as a living learning lab to study gardening, soil, water and more! On the last day of camp, we will visit U.K.’s South Farm to see a farm in action! By the end of camp, participants will become certified Junior Master Gardeners! Learn more about the JMG activites here: http://jmgkids.us/

Step into a book at The Arboretum! Each month, the children's librarians of Lexington Public Library  have hand-selected a tale to share on a StoryWalk! Follow the path from the Visitor Center, through the Home Demonstration Garden and end at the Kentucky Children's Garden. Visit each panel, revealing a new page and an invitation to interact with the tale.

Free and open from dawn until dusk.

2019 Schedule -

Dawn to Dusk

March: Miss Fox’s Class Goes Green by Eileen Spinelli

April: As An Oak Tree Grows by G. Brian Karas

May: Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

June: From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons

July: The Whole Green World by Tony Johnston

August: Are We Pears Yet? By Miranda Paul

September: Plants Can’t Sit Still by Rebecca E. Hirsch

October - November: When Autumn Falls by Kelly Nidey